The Green Card, or Residency Card, is a privilege granted by American authorities to those foreign citizens who meet certain requirements, so that they can legally work and live in the United States. However, there are some reasons why it could be annulled.

The Green Card may be lost whenever any of the following things happen:


This cause comprises many different actions, such as engaging in a sham marriage with the sole purpose of obtaining the Residency Card, lying in an immigration form or hiding important information in any proceeding. The Green Card may be annulled whenever any of these crimes is discovered.

Certain convictions

3 reasons why you may lose your Green Card

Whenever an individual has been sentenced for an “aggravated crime.” If you have been indicted for any of such crimes, it is essential to be defended by a criminal lawyer. They must know the legal consequences of a sentence.

After serving the sentence, the immigrant faces the possibility of having their Residency Card cancelled, besides of being deported.


This happens when the immigrant does not fulfill their obligation of maintaining legal residence in the country. Thus, the immigrant must be careful about the time they spend in other countries, especially if these are of periods of time of over 180 days and less than one (1) year. Entering the United States on a daily basis to work but residing in Mexico or Canada can also be damaging.

In the cases of periods of time over one (1) year but less than two (2) years, the resident will need a reentry permit.

In the cases where the Residency Card has been lost due to abandonment, it might be recovered only if the entire proceeding is carried out again. The applicant shall wait for an answer outside of the United States.

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