There is not a specific warning for the cancellation of the Visitor Visa. Thus, the migrant must be very aware of things.

The reasons for Embassies, Consulates and migratory authorities to proceed with the cancellation of a person’s Visa, even without a warning, are varied.

Below, five possible causes:


Remaining in the United States for longer than the authorized time – even if it is just for 24 hours. Only in very specific cases the status may be restored. The expiry date of a Visa must not be confused with the maximum day allowed in the United States.


When any Custom’s Officer considers that a person who had previously been granted the visa is not eligible or not welcomed anymore, they may proceed with the cancellation of the Visa.


If you have worked or have the intention of working in the United States. We must insist that only citizens, residents and holders of working Visa or work permits are legally permitted to work in the United States. Foreigners may not, under any circumstances, accept to hold a paid job position.


When the Visa is used for an end different to that for which the application of a Visa was made. A person who requested a Visitor Visa cannot work, study or marry with that Visa. By doing so, they will lose the Visa.


Whenever it is believed there is the intention of emigrating. If a person who applies for a Visa spends too much time in the United States, visits the country a lot, or if they use to visit a family member or a friend, that person may fall under suspicion and their Visa may be revoked.

American authorities are the only ones who have the power to grant Visas, and they are also the only ones who may cancel them. If you want to keep your Visa, do not engage in any activity that is prohibited under American immigration laws.

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