The year is about to end and today we want to talk about 5 curious traditions to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. We have chosen 5 places of the world: two from the Americas (Sao Paulo and New York), one from Asia and two from Europe.


Traditions to celebrate New Year’s Eve


  1. Sao Paulobuildings-1206155_960_720

It is one of the happiest places in the world to enjoy any celebration. After Carnival, New Year’s Eve Celebration is the second most important celebration for Brazilian people. There are a lot of street parties and fireworks.

Among the curious celebrations of this night, people wear colorful underwear. Popular colors are red and yellow. The former is used to attract love and the latter, yellow, is used to attract money.

  1. Copenhagen

copenhagen-142711_960_720Contrary to the responsible and orderly behavior that characterize Danish people, on New Year’s Eve they break plates and climb onto chairs in order to jump on them to the tune of each bell announcing the arrival of the New Year. It is believed that by doing the latter you scare evil spirits away. On the other hand, breaking plates, cups and other old silverware is used to attract good luck.

  1. New Yorknew-14606_960_720

The New Year starts by jumping into freezing cold water. This tradition is also custom in some places in Europe.

In the case of this city, members of the Polar Bear Club submerge themselves in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Coney Island, to get a very refreshing sense of renewal.

  1. Tokyo

boat-1835081_960_720In Japan, during the hours of the afternoon, a great percentage of the population watches a TV show in which guests fight each other in musical battles. To choose the winners, the audience votes for those whose talents they esteem best.

After midnight, extra-large noodles are consumed, which symbolize a lengthy life, as the temples toll their bells about 108 times.

  1. Tallinnestonia-912315_960_720

In this city, capital of Estonia, fireworks are set off over the beautiful stone streets of downtown, and there are a lot of discotheque parties. However the main tradition says that you must eat seven times during New Year. It is believed that each meal will give you renewed energy to begin the New Year. Typical meals include: sausages, sauerkraut, potato and marzipan, eaten with cava.

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