adult-1822484_960_720For everyone, the beginning of a new year can be a starting point to achieve many goals and objectives that people use in order to seek changes to those aspects of their personal, family or professional lives with which they are not satisfied. It is the ideal moment to think of the goals for the year that is just starting – that is, after having made an objective assessment of those aforementioned aspects.

However, in spite of your best intentions and wishes to achieve such changes, your efforts frequently wane and seem to get lost during the year.

What to do to avoid this fate?

So that it doesn’t become difficult for you to stay on the road to achieve your resolutions, this week’s articles offer you useful advice.

Today we shall start with the first step: that is, the election of the resolutions and the preparations to get started.


I. Selection of resolutions:leaves-690890_960_720

  1. Make a brainstorm about the changes you want to introduce in your life. Thus, make questions to yourself about your health, your relationship with others, your work life, etc.
  2. Of the aspects that you wrote down following the above advice, identify which are the most important for you. Don’t think too much: choose what comes first to mind. Surely, that will be the most important thing.
  3. Break down those big goals into a list of actions that you must do in order to achieve them.
  4. Check whether your goal meets the following characteristics:
    • It is specific: the actions that will make you achieve each goal are well defined.
    • It is measurable: the changes that show that you have achieved a goal are evident.
    • It is achievable: the goal is a realistic one.
    • It is gratifying: the goal that has been established modifies your state of dissatisfaction and, thus, it is very motivating to go on.
    • Can you assess the progress through the process to reach a goal?


Do not hesitate to speak with friends and family members about the resolutions you have chosen. Their advice could be of great help. Likewise, getting them involved will allow you to count on them to support you through the process.

Keep this list close to you so you can review it frequently.

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