Yes. Attorneys and the government have warned that the employment of false documents can make you lose your right to stay in the United States. According to the law of the United States, using an ID or possessing any false documentation is a crime that can lead, without exceptions, to deportation.  Thus, it is very important that every immigrant seeks adequate counsel and to legalize their status in the country.

What a person must do if they are detained with false documents?

If a person is detained while in the possession of false documents, the best thing they can do is to “remain silent.” Then, they must contact a criminal defense attorney to defend themselves from the charges made by the authorities.

Fraud may carry important fines, interest and a possible penal procedure.

Can a fake ID lead me to deportation?

The  American Lawyers Association (AILA) has warned more than once that the use of false documents or lying about one’s legal situation, especially during an immigration process, can result in a lifetime penalty. Besides, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS  has warned that the use of false documents can result in a person losing their right to remain in the country.

However, the sale of false personal identification documents is growing in the United States. This goes from selling Social Security Cards and driver’s licenses to residency permits.

How does the illegal sale work?

There are two ways of obtaining the falsified documents: through a street vendor or at a store recommended by a friend. In New York, the sale of these documents may even take place at a bakery or at a restaurant.

Who purchases false documents?

Clients come from every country, such as México, Venezuela, Argentina, Russia, Poland, or China.

There are many paths to legally immigrate and stay in the United States. Do not expose yourself or your family to punishment for committing a crime. Contact immigration specialists. At Beltran Brito we have the experience afnd knowledge to help you.


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