This past June the U.S. celebrated its second month of Immigrant Heritage. A month where diversity is celebrated. It is important to remember that today’s immigrants are not the same of the 80s or early 90s.

Currently, immigrants are more prepared, have mastered English, create highly successful companies in the United States, and work daily for North America.

That is why we highlight some features and facts related to the immigrants of today.

For example, by 1890 the United States had 14.8% of immigrants, and now, believe it or not, this percentage has decreased. At the moment, 12.9% 41 million people are foreign-born.

This doesn’t mean that migrants have stopped trying their luck in North America, the Pew Center Researh explains that this has a lot to do with immigrants that have children in the United States. They hace Latin roots, Asian, European, etc., in their blood, but are in fact Americans.

Another interesting aspects about immigrants today are:

 – Immigrants from Latin America: 52%

 – Immigrants from Asia: 30%

 – Immigrants from Europe: 11.6%

 – Immigrants from Africa: 4.4%

In recent years, studies show that most immigrants come from Latin America and Asia.

Other fact, 30% of 904,000 adults LGBT immigrants in the United States are undocumented. In numbers, they are about 267,000 immigrants.
Immigrants have more opportunities to start a business than Americans, making it a very significant group in the US economy. A few weeks ago we refer to this in our article “40% of the immigrant’s children are part of the Fortune 500 companies”

Another fact is that many American families are mixed, made up of documented and undocumented members.

Another defining feature part of immigration at this time, is the immigration policy known as DACA. Around
750,000 people have applied so far in 2015 to work for two years without the risk of being deported, and about 665,000 people have obtained it.

60% of these beneficiaries were able to get jobs and about 45% achieved wage increases. This group, nearly 60% managed to get a driver’s license.

This shows how significant and positive DACA has been for immigrants.

The Dreamers are also part of this generation of immigrants, almost five million of these will be benefit from temporary work permits and not being threatened by deportation, unless the beneficiary makes something illegal.

Both DACA (Deferred Action for Children) and DAPA (deferred action for parents of Americans and lawful permanent residents) hold together many families, and about three million of the candidates are from Mexico and Central America, and around 630.000 from Asia. 
Last but not least we have talked a lot about the amount of money that immigrants generate in taxes. It is estimated that almost 845 million dollars a year can be perceived by the payment of taxes in this group of immigrants.

All these features allow to conclude that immigrants are aware of their contribution, and so is the American government and American citizens.

That is why in June, we celebrate with special joy the arrival of millions of people who have made America a prosperous nation, the land of dreamers, of opportunities. The country of immigrants.


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