There are plenty companies in the US right now, founded by immigrants, that are legitimately successful: Google, Intel, Instagram, Pfizer, and so on.

Each year employers expect that their work visas are approved and they can have a team of talented foreigners in their companies.


Thanks to the evident success, the government took the decision to encourage immigrants to come to America and grow professionally in the land of opportunities.

The voice that sounded higher was the US President, Barack Obama, who made it quite clear that craves attract talented immigrants.

How to achieve this? Through a rule allowing to deliver work visas, which allows immigrants to perform professional work in the United States temporarily, especially to those immigrants who have promising start-ups.

The move would be part of comprehensive immigration reform that works the White House, but could be enacted this year alone.

“If you catch a US $ 200,000 investment, the foreign entrepreneur receives a visa for two years to develop an entrepreneurship in the United States,” said Adeo Ressi, founder of the international incubator Founder Institute, he participated in the meeting with a White House representative.

“If the start-up would capture an investment of $ 750,000, it would be a permanent green card” Ressi added.

The idea has thrilled entrepreneurs like Vanessa Cherenfant, who began her startup in Montreal (Canada).

“The goal of many of us is making the leap to the US, where there is more capital and support for start-ups,” said Vanessa.

Just as there are some that fully support the idea, others are skeptical that this decision guarantees a series of successful projects. We will have to wait for the rule to be approved and see the results.

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