Many immigrants have been successful in the United States with the help of a Green Card or a Work Visa. Of the latter, one of the most sought after is the O1 Visa. This Visa has helped many professionals to initiate their careers in the United States.

The 01 Visa is for individuals who possess an extraordinary ability in science, education, business or arts. It is also for those who have demonstrated throughout their career to have a history of exceptional achievements: in the film or television industries. It is also for those who have been acknowledged locally and internationally for their achievements.

Because this Visa does not have an annual cap. Petitions are processed very quickly, are attractive for American companies who seek to hire foreigners with extraordinary abilities.

How is the O1 Visa classified?

O1A Visa 

Foreigners with extraordinary abilities in science, education, business or sports.

O1B Visa

Foreigners with extraordinary abilities in the arts – or with an extraordinary achievement in the film or television industries.

O2 Visa

Those individuals with key abilities and experiences. They accompany the holders of O1A or O1B Visas to provide essential support.


The spouse or children of holders of O1 or O2 Visas.

What are the requirements?

Do you know who qualifies for an O1 Visa?


The candidate must be a foreigner who has received national or international recognition in their area of experience. Besides, they must come to the United States to work in that area.

What is considered national and international recognition? 

Forms of recognition include any important prize such as the Nobel Prize, or at least any of the following:

  • Having won a national or international prize in your area of specialization.
  • Being part of associations related to the area of specialization for which the exceptional achievement is a prior requirement for enrollment.
  • Being published on mass media.
  • Having scientific or commercial contributions of great importance in the field of experience.
  • Having authorship of academic work in the field of experience.
  • Having high salary or other type of remuneration for their services.
  • Having served as a judge in their area of specialization.
  • Having worldwide distinguished reputation.

Duration of their stay

The holder of an O1 Visa may work in the U.S. up to three years, and then request an extension.

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