An immigration lawyer is the perfect ally of the immigrant. These professionals invest between 7 to 8 years to acquire the experience necessary to provide suitable counsel. Besides, they know American immigration laws in depth. These can be complicated and difficult to understand by those who wish to obtain a Green Card or a Work Visa.

They are also specialized lawyers who adapt to their environment and who are up to date on any political changes that may take place.

Thus, relying on an expert immigration lawyer helps to avoid problems, mistakes and issues that could hurt the immigrant. They can also guide the immigrant in order to take advantage of any changes to the legislation that could be advantageous to them.

Sometimes, applicants may fill their own documents and records, but this is not often the case. There are specific procedures that require legal representation.

It is important to know that any person holding a law degree has the necessary training to fulfill their duties with their clients. It is very important that immigrants do not fall into desperation and that they evaluate the law firm they plan on hiring for counsel.

Things to take into account

The always necessary immigration lawyer

Never fall for the publicity of a law firm or of a private lawyer

A website, a TV or yellow pages add will not show you everything you need to know about a lawyer or how trustworthy they are. Publicity is, doubtlessly, an excellent strategy, but the client must make sure that they know their lawyer first. Make an appointment, make questions, and make sure to be certain of their skills and competency to take up your case.

The client shall never be intimidated by their lawyer

Having manners and respect is one thing, and letting yourself be intimidated by whom is supposed to be there to help you is another different thing. It is ok to keep a certain distance from your lawyer so that they have space to do their job – but you must always make questions, be part of the process and understand every legal concept or action. Remember that your future depends on your lawyer. You must get involved.


Once your lawyer reviews and assess your case, they will be able to set a fixed rate for their services. This is in the best interests of the client, especially in regard to immigration matters. The price and payment method shall depend on the lawyer. However, it is always good to have an estimated rate. Your lawyer should also offer you different paying methods.

Hiring a lawyer who fears going to trial

A trial lawyer is one of the most respected ones in court. They know the law, they are not afraid of anything and they know how to express themselves. Besides, they think quickly and know how to react to difficult situations. And one of the most important things is that they are real hard workers.

Becoming an American citizen is the biggest dream of all of those who wish to live in the United States. A good immigration lawyer can help you attain this goal.

You must not forget that obtaining the citizenship can take time and that it can be physically and mentally exhausting. However, it will be doubtlessly easier if there is an immigration lawyer doing the hard work.

We at Beltran Brito LLP have extensive experience in counseling and helping immigrants to understand the labyrinth nautre of American immigration laws – guiding them in the process of obtaining a Work Visa or a Green Card.

The always necessary immigration lawyer

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