The EB-5 Visa is granted to foreigners who invest at least halcalculator-385506_960_720f a million USD. In return, they obtain a permanent residency for themselves and their relatives.

This residency is temporal in the beginning, but it allows people to live and work in the United States. Two years later it becomes a permanent residency.

Type of investment according to the project’s structure.


Three types may be spoken of:

Regional Centers. These are entities approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to attract money from different types of investors and develop, in this way, one or more projects.

Direct Investment on a Project of Your Own. In this case, the investor develops their own business plan and commits to managing their own project.

Direct Investment on a Third Party’s Project. Even though this is not a very well-known option, it is possible.


Types of Investment According to Invested Amount

From 500,000.00 USD and more, when it is an investment on an document-428334_960_720area focused on Employment.

From 1,000,000.00 and more, in any part of the U.S. that has not be qualified as TEA.


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