Obtaining a permanent residence card is synonymous with successfully immigrating into the U.S.A. This card is essential to immigrate legally into the United States. It is also known as a residence permit or Green Card.

Staying legally in the U.S.A. without that card is only possible only is it is a temporary stay.

Immigrating successfully into the U.S.A. means being able to live and work permanently in that country. It is the first step for the acquisition of the American citizenship.

How to immigrate successfully acquiring the permanent residence card?  

In the majority of cases, a sponsor (employer or family member) is the one who requests the permanent residency for another person.

Keys to immigrate successfully into the U.S.A. 1

Every fiscal year, approximately 1 million foreigners obtain the residence card through any of the existing channels. That is, through marriage, through investment, through work, etc.

Approximately 6 out of 10 obtain it by virtue of being a relative of a citizen or of a permanent resident.

Only in special cases it is not necessary to count with a sponsor. For example: exceptional workers who have international acknowledgement for their work, asylum seekers, lottery of diversity visas, EB-5 investment migrant visas.

Proceedings to immigrate successfully, obtaining the residence card

Proceedings vary according to the cannel you choose to obtain the Green card:

  • Family petitions: the sponsor must send the petition and prove their kinship with you. They must also credit economic means for the maintenance of the sponsored person, etc.   .
  • Company petition: a prior authorization by the Department of Labor is required.
  • Asylum: an affirmative decision by U.S.C.IS. or by a migration court is required.
  • Diversity visa: it must be applied for in October, through the Internet, on the website of the Department of State. Likewise, the lottery must be won, which takes place on May of the following year.

It is important to understand that to successfully immigrate it is not enough to just want it. It is necessary to fulfill all the requirements.


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