The interview is the most important step in the process of obtaining a Tourist Visa. In spite of having all the documents and meeting all the requirements, Visa requirements are often denied.

The first thing you must do is to remain calm when hearing the word “interview.” The most important thing you can present is self-confidence. Applicants who are prepared respond with confidence and have a legitimate reason to apply for a Visa are usually successful in doing so.

Steps to achieve a successful interview.

  1. General preparation
  • Gather some information or general knowledge in regards to the Visa, the process, etc.
  • Prepare for the most frequent questions.
  • Arrive to the Consulate early, so as to avoid mishaps.
  • Request an interpreter if you are not confident about speaking in English.
  1. Preparing the documents
  • Fill all the forms and applications in a clear and complete manner.
  • You must know what information you have entered into the form. In some cases, people request sponsors to fill the application for them.
  • Answer honestly.
  • Make sure that the copies of the documents are readable.
  • Verify that names, birth dates, etc., are the same as they appear in your passport.
  • Arrange your documents in an adequate logical order, as to easily find them during the interview.
  1. Physical preparation

Your personal image and physical appearance are important. The way you say something is just as important as the way you say it – thus, dress for the occasion.

  1. Attitude training

Give clear and precise answers. Do not give additional information if it is not required from you. In some cases, this is when people make mistakes, when they give details that were not requested. It is essential to take into account that you must not argue nor give extra information or be impolite.

  1. During the interview

Greet the interviewer when you see them for the first time. Express yourself in a clear manner. Do not hesitate to request in a polite manner to have any questions repeated or re-expressed to you for clarification.

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