The main reason to migrate to the United States is the opportunity of finding good professions to work in, ensuring in this way an excellent quality of life.

Thus, knowing which professions will have more job opportunities is important for those who are deciding what to study or where to orient their professional future.

Professions with a greatest expected growth

According to the Department of Labor of the United States, these are some of the professions where it is estimated that the most job positions will be created, besides of being the best paid job positions and those that provide important benefits.

It is important to note that there may be differences across states and career levels:

  • Market Research Analysts:

Average Salary: USD. 62,150

Increase: 18.6 %

  • Management Analysts:

Average Salary: USD. $81,320

Increase: 13.6 %

  • Nurse Aide:

Average Salary: USD. 25,700

Increase: 17.6 %

  • Restaurant Cooks:Professions with the brightest future in the United States

Average Salary: USD. 23,000

Increase: 19.3 %

  • Accountants and Auditors:

Average Salary: USD. 67,190

Increase: 10.7%

  • App and Software Developers:

Average Salary: USD. 98,260

Increase: 18.8%

  • General Managers and Operations:

Average Salary: USD.  $97,730

Increase: 7.1%

  • Waiters and fast food prep cooks:

Average Salary: USD.  18,910

Increase: 10.9 %

  • Retail clerks:

Average Salary: USD.  $21,780


Other professions

Professions with the brightest future in the United States2

At the same time, there are other professions that are attractive due to their salaries, being these the best paid job positions. However, these professions require higher education studies for the most part.

  1. Doctors and surgeons
  2. Orthodontists
  3. CEOs
  4. Oil industry engineers
  5. Attorneys

Likewise, there are several options so that immigrants may get their papers. Similar to the Green Card, there are temporary work Visas or work permits.

If you are considering it as an option, do not hesitate to contact us!

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