An immigration lawyer is the perfect partner for an immigrant. These professionals spend about seven or eight years acquiring the expertise to provide proper counseling through the  US immigration laws.

Besides this, lawyers are specialized to suit their environment and are current with any political changes that may arise with all programs for immigrants.


To have an attorney ready to help can avoid problems, frustrations and mistakes. He or she can be aware of the changes that benefit the immigrants. In some cases, the immigrants may fill the documents and files by themselves, but not always, there are specific procedures that require legal representation.

Of course if someone has a law degree does not mean it is the correct person or will comply as expected, it is very important that the immigrant does not fall into despair and make a choice thorough study about the firm he will seek for advice. For example, if the lawyer selected does not answer phone calls, he or she os not reliable.

It is essential that the lawyer is available to the client, answering calls as soon as possible (minimum 24 hours), always attentive and aware of his client.

There are other details to consider:

Never guide by the firm’s advertising or a private attorney. A website, a TV commercial or yellow pages can’t tell much about a lawyer. Advertising is definitely an excellent strategy, but a client should make sure to know the lawyer first. Arrange an appointment, ask questions, make sure their ability and competence to carry out its cases. The immigrant should never feel intimidated by his/her lawyer.

One issue is education and respect and another is feel intimidated by another who is there to help. It’s ok to respect the reasonable space that the attorney needs to work but it is always necessary to ask questions, be part of the process, and understand every word or action. Remember your future depends on it. Then client should be involved.

Trust is paramount, it is important that the client finds a reliable lawyer. In America there are many sites where the client can check the history of a lawyer and certify that their history is in order. Sanctioned lawyers by the bar association are not necessarily the first or best option.

Payments per hour. These are not exactly the best. Once a lawyer makes a study evaluating a case, it can set a fixed price. It is better for the customer, especially on immigration cases, to have a fixed rate.

Hiring a lawyer who fears going to trial. A trial lawyer is one of the most respected in the courts. They are aware of the law, have no fear, express themselves, have the ability to think quickly and react well to difficult situations, also and very importantly, they are hard workers. An immigrant needs this type of service.

Choosing a lawyer who owns and manages his own company. A law firm is an excellent choice for an immigrant, but many are good but also very expensive. It is important to make a deep study of the options to choose correctly and succeed. Becoming an American citizen is the biggest dream of all those who wish to live in North America and a good immigration attorney can help to do it.

In Beltran Brito LLP we have extensive experience in counseling and helping immigrants understand the US immigration laws, and of course, guiding them in the process of obtaining a work visa or a green card.


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