Every year, a lot of people think about migrating to the United States. However, for your migration experience to be a successful one, you must take into account one of the following points:

Being legal makes things easier

Things that you must know before migrating to the United States

This is an essential requirement. There are in the United States approximately 11 million undocumented aliens. Life is very complicated for them, and we assure you that you do not wish to be one of them.

To be legal in the country you need to have a document that grants you this status, such as the Green Card or Residency Card.

It is important to know that you must not enter the country as a tourist to look for a job or get marry. You cannot remain in the country for longer than it is permitted either. This brings a series of consequences that can harm you in the United States.

Thus, before initiating an action, we recommend that you consult with a lawyer expert on immigration matters.

You must have savings to migrate, since things may be difficult in the beginning

Things that you must know before migrating to the United States

It is important to have a money pool during your first months in the United States. How much must this amount be will depend on the needs and habits of every person, your family size and the state or city where you plan to live in.

Your identification document, also known as an I.D.

Things that you must know before migrating to the United States

In the United States there is no such thing as an Identity Card Number of nationwide validity. A driver’s license is used instead, which is issued by each state.

At the same time, there is an official number in the legal system, known as the Social Security Number.

It is essential for you to request, as soon as you have fulfilled all the migratory requirements, your SSN. The popular “social” is the number that you will use to rent a house, sign an electricity contract, and open a bank account, among other things.

Then, if possible, you must obtain a driver’s license. In the United States this is the document that is most commonly used for identification purposes and it is the one most people will show when a form of identification is demanded from them.


Things that you must know before migrating to the United States

Knowing English will make things easier for you in the United States. It is a requirement for prosperity.

It is advisable to take English lessons before migrating. This will be one of the best investments that an immigrant can make for their own gain.

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