One of the most common types of immigration fraud in the United States is related to marriage. Under the Immigration Law of the United States, the spouse of American citizens and permanent legal citizens can obtain additional benefits. Their proceedings also go faster through the entire immigration process than other type of proceedings.

Sham marriage

Unjustly accused for immigration fraud

For this reason, some immigrants marry American citizens in order to obtain a Green Card or the status as permanent legal residents. This is understood as a “sham marriage” by the government of the United States.

Given the high rates for this type of fraud, immigration authorities in the U.S.A. have the authority of investigating any marriage that is presumed to be a sham marriage. If proven, it can become grounds to initiate a removal proceedings – and in some cases, it can result in legal actions, fines and/or fines.

What to do if you are accused of committing immigration fraud?

If you have been unjustly accused of committing immigration fraud, you must take certain steps in order to demonstrate to USCIS that yours is a real marriage. In order to do so, presenting evidentiary documents can be useful, such as:

  • A lease agreement that contains the name of both partners.
  • Bills that demonstrate the existence of joint accounts.

Other types of evidence can be:

  • Declarations made by family members, friends, neighbors, employers who have witnessed your relationship with your partner.

Finally, it is possible that you and your spouse will have to appear before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to answer some questions related to the sham marriage allegations.

Immigration lawyer

Contacting a lawyer expert in immigration matters as soon as possible can be really helpful to fight false sham marriage claims. Having a solution to your problem from the beginning is preferable than waiting until the last moment. You can contact Beltran Brito LLP to obtain counselling and solve your case.


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