United States is the destination for many citizens when it comes to emigrate from their country, especially when looking for an opportunity to study or job growth.

It is not easy but it can be done.

On the subject of education, there are some institutions where getting a scholarship is not that complicated, here five of these:

1. United Health Scholarship

This institution sponsors several scholarships based on merit and the needs of the individual. It is only directed to public health professionals.

2. Spence Reese Scholarship

This organization offers scholarships to students of medicine, engineering, law and political science. $ 4,000 are awarded annually and can be renewed for up to four years.

3. American Assembly for Men in Nursing Scholarship

This institution funded about eight to ten awards each year to students majoring in nursing.

4. Call Me Mister.

Scholarship program, which provides assistance and funding to encourage students to become teachers.

5. Associated Male Choruses of America

For master’s degrees in music awards over a thousand dollars for those who want to be part of the choir.

In addition to these options, athletes can obtain a visa to specialize in certain sports, and some professions also facilitate the process, if you want more information on this check our posts, Gamers, candidates for a work visa and 5 unusual sports to get a college scholarship in the U.S.

Now in the case of professionals seeking in the United States a place to take their professional studies, investment or entrepreneurial dreams, we can highlight the following:


South Florida is one of the ideal areas for business development. According to Congresswoman Debbie WassermanSchultz about 63% of jobs in America are created by small business sector or small businesses. These companies generate almost 13 million jobs in America.

They can also opt for an O1 visa for special talents, read more about this in our post 7 professions to obtain a work visa in the United States


Right now the Peruvians are the most active Latinos investors in Florida, especially in the acquisition of properties after advantage through sale or rent.

For investors there are several alternatives when it comes to immigration, these are: Visas E1, E2, L1, and the EB-5 visa.


Remember:   the E1 visa and E2 visa apply to citizens who have current agreements with the United States, and demonstrate an investment in a US company or business.

Meanwhile in the case of the L1 Visa, the investor must be part of a multinational company wishing to establish a branch or office in North America and the applicant must move as CEO of the company in order to develop the business.

Another cases are the EI visa and the EB-5 visa, where a requirement is that the investor has a capital of $ 500,000 or $ 1,000,000. The investment amount varies by area of ​​employment where it is performed. This visa will give the applicant temporary residence in the US for two years.

The investment amount varies by area of employment where it is performed. This visa will be granted temporary residence in the US for two years.

It is important to remember that an investor visa for the United States is not a plan only for millionaires and people with economic power.

What is sought is to establish standards so that there is a consistent business plan setting out the idea of it, with opportunities for growth, financing and legal credentials projections for employment generation American citizens.

To accomplish this process is not as complicated or requires billionaires balances. Legal backing is paramount.

Another option.

An O1 visa is always a good ally.

When a person manages to be recognized professionally in their work area is much easier to access a Visa o1 or visa for people with extraordinary abilities.

Another option is that a US company sponsors the applicant. In this case, the most important thing is polishing the profession and career that has been forged, asking for letters of recommendation and collecting any reference in the media, and all the awards that endorse the merits.


In Brito Beltran LLP we have extensive experience advising immigrants in the way of getting a work visa or a green card. It is impossible to achieve it and seeking for legal help is the best option for the immigrants.

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