We have chosen Valentine’s Day to mention some tips you must take into account when migrating as a couple.

Moving into another country as a couple is an important process in the relationship. Just as the arrival of the first child. Or the purchase of a home would be – it defines a “before” and an “after.”

Migrating supposes leaving our comfort zone to venture and live your experiences. Some of the young people who migrate use to do so with their partners. However, many are afraid that this new level of cohabitation may affect their relationship.


Advice to migrate as a couple:

Being married is the best option:

If you are going to take this very important step with your partner, it is important to think about whether the person you have chosen is the correct one to migrate with. Think about whether your relationship is in a strong place. If both of you have spoken about marriage, you must take into account that this proceeding will help you to organize your paperwork in the country you choose as destination. If this is not the case, you can leave the country with your partner. Remember that marriage is something that you should not decide upon for legal reasons.


Choosing a country as a destination is not a decision that should be taken randomly. On the contrary, you should research the economy, culture, weather and any other aspect of a location which you consider to be important to make a decision. Also take into consideration that you must discuss with your partner the country, the date and other aspects that may have an effect on this new lifestyle. The decision to go forward with your goal must come from the both of you.


One of the benefits of migrating as a couple is that debts are shared between two. However, it is necessary that you speak with your partner in order to divide expenses so that it fair for both of you. This must be agreed upon before the migration process, not after. In this way, monetary issues during the process will be avoided.



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