We have dedicated this week’s articles to the Visa Bulletin. Thus, we have described it and the categories of Visa that comprise it.

Wednesday’s article discussed Job-based Visas and in today’s article we will discuss the Visa Bulletin for Family Sponsorships.

Family Sponsorship Visa comprise the five categories described below:


Family Sponsorships Visa Categories:

F1 Category :

This category is for the unmarried children of American citizens over the age of 21.

F2A Category: 

This category is for the spouse or unmarried children a legal permanent resident under the age of 21.

F2B Category:

This category refers to the unmarried children of a legal permanent resident over the age of 21.
F3 Category:

This category is for the married children of an American citizen.

F4 Category:

This category is for the siblings of a citizen.


How is the Visa Bulletin used in Family Sponsorships?

  • Find your type of visa on the first column (on the left) of the corresponding table (family or job-based).
  • Stay on that column and go directly to the right to find the date corresponding to your country of birth (as is shown in bold letters on the columns above).

Information to take into account:

  • The priority date for a petitioner is the date when the government received Petition I-130, which had to be presented by a FAMILY MEMBER.
  • If the person is the unmarried child of an American citizen and the father made the application when they were under the age of 21, but the child turns this age during the waiting period, the age is frozen – that is, it is not moved into category F1.
  • It is occasionally possible to change categories, since it is evident that processes are very long and circumstances may vary. For example, the unmarried child over the age of 21 of a legal permanent citizen who acquires their citizenship during the process is moved from category F2B to F1.
  1. Final Action Date of the application.13


2. Dates for the presentation of the corresponding applications.