There are many paths to immigrate legally into the United States: through your family, work, investment, the lottery, asylum, violence, etc.

Through family

  • By marrying an American citizen or a permanent resident.
  • By being the biological, adopted children or stepchildren of an American citizen.
  • By being the mother or father of an American citizen. The child may file the petition once they are 21 years of age.

Citizens may file for a K-1 Visa in order to ask for their fiancé or fiancée and, once they are in the country, they may marry you and make the petition to obtain the permanent residency.

Through luck

By being chosen for one of the 50,000 immigrant visas that are given away in the yearly Diversity Visa Lottery.

Through investment

By investing a minimum of 500,000 USD. A direct investment by creating a company, or an indirect investment, within which there are different modalities.

Through work, Visas EB-1, 2 and 3


For these cases, it is demanded that a company or institution in the United States sponsors the foreign employee before immigration authorities.

The EB-1 Visa is intended for professors and researchers of extraordinary capacity, besides of managers or officers of multinational companies. The EB-2 Visa is for professionals who hold an undergraduate degree, workers with a professional training (who have at least two years of studies or of work experience), and for workers with no professional training but who will undertake a non-temporary work for which there are no workers available in the United States. And finally, the EB-3 VISA; which is granted to professionals, qualified professionals and other workers who are required in certain areas of the local economy. For this category, a job offer in the United States and a job certification are required.

Through a court order

In the case of deportation, an immigration judge may rule that the foreign citizen may remain, regularize its status and in this way be able to obtain a resident card.

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