We have come to the end of the first week of 2017 and, thus, we will talk today about the last stage you need to follow in order to remain strong in your resolutions and to achieve them.success-846055_960_720

What to do to stay strong with your resolutions?

  1. Reward yourself. Choose beforehand a reward for every small achievement, and a big reward for when you achieve your goal.
  1. Think about your achievements. Always record your results and review that list of achievements frequently. That will allow you to remember your immediate results and to keep you motivated to keep working
  1. Trust in yourself. Even if on occasions you feel down, trust in that you have the strength to overcome that and to stay in the path you have traced for yourself.
  1. Overcome your fear of change. Not doing so, could stop you from achieving your goals. Identify the excuses you make for yourself to cover up your fear of change.
  1. Substitute “I can’t” for “I can.”
  1. Don’t blame other people or circumstances for your mistakes. If you take responsibility for your actions in the achievement of your goals, you will not be disturbed by external factors.
  1. Identify self-destructive behavior. Make a list of the habits that keep you away from your goal and of the positive behaviors that, on the contrary, bring you to them.office-620817_960_720
  1. If you make any mistakes that make you falter on your goal, reorganize your actions and start over. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on all your achievements, for those are surely more numerous than failures.
  1. Seek support among your friends and family members. Don’t work alone. Remember that ideas and advice from others can give you strength and motivation to go on.
  1. Make a daily record. Write in it your progress and the reasons that make you be satisfied and thankful.

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