Emigrating to attain success is the goal of those foreigners who arrive into the United States looking for a better life. However, not everyone achieves it, since they do not prepare some fundamental aspects with care and in advance.


What can you do to increase your probabilities of success?  


Not only legal aspects are important to successfully emigrate. You also want to implement some tools that may prepare you psychologically. These are:


1.        Wishing to change your situation

Make a list of those aspects in your life that you wish to change and another on those changes that will be possible if you change your country of residence. Huge lists will become your main motivation to work on a project that will allow you to emigrate to attain success.

To write those, it is useful for you to ask yourself the following questions. Do not forget to write down your answers. Reviewing them will help you stay on the path of the project you have created for yourself.

What aspects of your life will change and improve when you have attained the change you desire?

What aspects of your current situation have stopped you from changing?

2.        Set clear goals and realistic expectations 

Do not get stuck thinking only on how you would like your life to be. Work on defining and setting a goal, with precision. See how it looks on the short, middle and long term. This could be useful for you to define the road through which you may be able to emigrate to attain success. As a worker? As an investor?

Moreover, set milestones to attain that goal. This will help your goals to be realistic and to make your expectations keep up with the time they will require.

Ask yourself: How can I get a job in another country? What do I need to do to become an investor? What do I need to do to achieve it?

3.        Know well your current situation

This does not mean to be content nor to give up. On the contrary, it demands from you that you know pretty well what things you are not happy with, what you have right now and what solutions you can implement.

Having, thus, accepted your current situation, make a list of the possible solutions that could help you to change that situation.

4.        Choose very carefully your country of destination 

Research about the language, the cost of life, the customs, the weather, etc. of the countries you would like to move into. Do not hesitate to question acquaintances that have settled in those countries. They will be your most trustworthy and exact source of information.

5.        Stay motivated

Emigrating is a long and complicated process. Do not let this steal your drive. Think about your reasons for changing your country of residence and offering your family better life conditions.


“Trusting yourself is the secret to success.” (Ralph Wardo Emerson)

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