We continue today offering you advice so that you plan and reach your goals in the year that is starting. Yesterday we talked about the selection of the goals; today we will talk about the second phase: “getting started on your resolutions.”


How to get started with your resolutions for 2017


  1. Instead of setting a due date for reaching your goals, organize a step-by-step system. Remember that some goals will require more time than others.
  1. Start following your plan immediately. Don’t wait until you feel inspired. Starting from the first week of January is ideal. It’s difficult to start, but once you do, routine will help you.
  1. Be accountable. Meet a “mentor” of your choice to present an account of your work and, together, evaluate the methods and improvements that must be included in your system.  activity-1807474_960_720
  1. Make a team with people who share your same goal. This will be very motivating and, also, will be of support for you.
  1. Daily review what your goals are. Mark on a calendar the action you will carry out each day.
  1. Focus on the process and not on the final goal. Advance one step at a time and be happy about your progress. Mark out of your list of goals those that you have achieved.
  1. Create an environment that will allow you to achieve your purposes. Get rid of all that which can deviate from your plan and distract you from your goal.


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