The majority of travelers who are detained by immigration incur into big mistakes for not knowing their rights, which may cause their deportation. Thus, it is important to know how to behave in the face of these situations.


What people detained by the immigration authority must do? 

Below, we offer 6 recommendations you must follow if you or your family members are detained by the immigration authority. However, take into account that these won’t be enough if you lose your calm or appear too nervous.

Thus, stay calm and transmit that calmness to your family members. Stay assured of the fact that you have done nothing wrong and, consequently, you will be able to resume your trip shortly.

Recommendations for those who have been detained by the immigration authority:

  1. Know the 48 hour rule: according to it, if you are imprisoned in a jail you will be freed after 48 hours have passed. After the case is closed or paying bail, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have to release you.
  1. Do not despair. Travelers detained by immigration authority voice the stories of other people who have been detained. For that reason, they believe the same thing will happen to them. This is not the case, as each case is different.
  1. Do not plead guilty of any charges nor do sign any documents without talking to a lawyer first. This is your right. Demand, also, to take your case before an immigration judge.
  1. If you fear returning to your country, say it so: then you will have the opportunity of seeing a judge or officer from the asylum office.
  1. Keep at hand your alien number. This is a nine or eight digit number. With it, permanent residents and migrants with an open case are identified. Give this number to your family and/or lawyer. This will help them better understand your case.
  1. If you have a prior deportation order, you case may be reopened. It is also possible to ask for a temporal halt to your deportation for humanitarian reasons. Thus, get in touch with an immigration lawyer to know your options.

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