Among the different things you must consider when emigrating, there is this one: emigrating with children.

It is very important to take into account that it is not the same as emigrating with adults. Emigrating with children carries a series of challenges and adjustments to which you will have to adapt. It is not an easy process: babies are the first ones to adapt, and they will not even notice the change. They just need to have their basic needs satisfied.

Conversely, children over the age of 3 are the ones who will notice the changes. Therefore, when moving out of a country, parents must help and accompany their children through the entire process of adaptation.

Tips you need to know to emigrate with children

Tips you need to know to emigrate with children

A new destination

It will help parents a lot to show their children pictures and/or videos of the new country, of the new city and of their new home.


Regardless of how young they are, you must explain to your children what is going to happen. It is best to do it in advance – at least one month before the family emigrates.


Not allowing children to say good bye to their loved ones is a mistake. Allow your children to do so.

Relocation and moving out

Explain to your children what relocation and moving out are about. In order to facilitate the process, include them in the process of packing up.

Closeness with your loved ones

Do not forget to tell your children that they will be able to see and speak with their loved ones with the help of technology. It is a good strategy to tell them often that their relatives will go to visit them son – as long as it is true, so that they do not make false expectations.

A positive attitude

You must not instill doubt or uncertainty to your children. It is the parent’s obligation to keep a harmonious environment in the home.


Even though you are moving out of the country, the routine of the little ones must not be changed. In order to do so, make sure before emigrating that you have a new school for your children to go back to school as soon as possible.

The new home

Including you children in the process of decorating the new home is a way of encouraging them to get excited about their new home.


Speak to your children daily. Try to clear any doubts or questions they may have in regards to the changes they are experiencing.

With the help of these tips children will get through these changes with ease and the process will be less dramatic. Besides, neither your children nor the rest of the family will suffer from emotional issues.

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