Among the Visas there exist for working in the United States, there are the O Visas, granted to people who possess extraordinary abilities.

This article will explain what you must take into account when choosing this Visa, as well as the requirements you need to fulfill in order to apply.

Professions eligible for an O Visa

O Visas for professionals who wish to work in the United States

You must take into account that not all professionals can opt for an O Visa. These Visas are for professionals who possess extraordinary abilities and who work within the following professional fields:

  • The Arts
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Business
  • Film and Television

In the first four instances, an O-1A Visa is granted, whereas other professionals are granted an O-1B Visa.

Even though it is usual to hear that this visa is mainly meant for artists, that is not the case. Some other professionals who can get this Visa are:

  • Agents
  • Chefs
  • Athletes and Trainers
  • Brand, Marketing and Advertisement Directors
  • Hair Stylists
  • Photographers
  • Gallerists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Painters
  • Producers
  • Sommeliers
  • Furniture Restorers

What is understood as extraordinary ability for the O Visa?O Visas for professionals who wish to work in the United States

O Visas require that the foreign citizen can be regarded as a professional who possesses extraordinary abilities. There are no exceptions to this rule.

In the case of O-1A Visas, it is required that the person has a spotless work history, and that they are known and respected in their work area. This can be proven with national or local prizes, articles published in prestigious magazines, among others.

In the case of the world of business, it is valid to demonstrate the abilities of an individual have been essential in order to set the reputation of a company, or that they possess widely renowned management skills.

For all instances, a high salary can prove the possession of an extraordinary ability.

As for the O-1B Visa, artists must prove that they have been renowned in their field. That is, they must have an outstanding reputation that can be proven through national or international prizes, reviews published in the press, contracts, evidence of commercial success and a high income compared with other professionals of their area.

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