Millions of people desire to know the United States. However, many of them do not know how to request a Visitor Visa.

If you wish to visit this country, we show below the steps that you must follow in order to get the Visa that will allow you to travel to the United States as a tourist.

7 pasos para conseguir la visa de turista 2

Take a photo of yourself

It is recommended that you have a digital photography. It must be a current picture, in color, with a White background and it must measure 5×5 centimeters.

Fill Form DS-160

The next step is to fill the electronic form DS-160. On the other hand, take into account that the answers must be typed in English, for which reason you must avoid using the letter “ñ.” Once you have filled it, you must print the said form.

Create a virtual account

Then you must enter into the Visa Information Service Website. There, you will have to choose your country and create an account. Especially to enter the information of the person who is applying for the Visa.

Once you have created your Visa, you will have to follow the link to schedule an interview. Follow he steps until you get to a Website when they will ask you to enter your payment number. You will find a link there to download and print the receipt.

Pay the receipt

Take your printed receipt and pay it in the corresponding financial institution. Depending on your country of origin, find the bank office where you will make the payment. Remember that this amount is non reimbursable.

Validate your interview

One day after you have paid your receipt, enter again into the Visa Information Service and enter the receipt number. Then, a Website with the interview calendar will open where you will be able to validate the day of your interview.

Attend the interview

Be punctual and bring with you all the documents. Take into account that if you bring non-permitted articles you will not be granted entrance to the American Embassy or Consulate of your country.

Pick-up your passport

If the authorities of the American Embassy or Consulate decide to grant you the Visitor Visa, you will be notified of the date when you may be able to pick-up your passport. This shall have the Visa attached in it.


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