The government of the United States grants the H1B Visa to trained professionals or workers with an equivalent background, both of whom must have a job offer from a company located in the United States.

In order to obtain it, it is also essential to possess a Bachelor Degree or a Diploma in higher education, at least. Besides, you must prove with documentation your experience in the area of specialization equivalent to that career or profession.

Some of the professions you can apply with are:

  • Engineers
  • Public Accountants
  • Attorneys, as Foreign Law Consultants
  • Scientists
  • Librarians
  • Psychologists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Systems Analysts
  • Architects
  • Professors/Teachers
  • Journalists/Editors
  • Writers of Technical Publications
  • Management Consultants

There are two types of proceedings:

  • A petition made by the American Employer, who could be any person, firm, company, contractor or organization who has a tax identification number.
  • The Process for filling a Labor Condition Application. This is a pre-requisite for obtaining the Visa.

It is very important that the employer attests to the amount they will pay to H1B employees, also known as “required prevailing wage rate.”

There are four alternatives to meet the requirements of H1B Visa:

  • Foreign citizen has a University Degree from the United States.
  • The foreign citizen has a University Degree from a country other than the United States, which must be equivalent to an American “Bachelor’s Degree.”
  • Foreign citizen holds an Unrestricted State License, Registration or Certificate that authorizes them for the complete and immediate practice of the activity in the State where they wish to be employed.
  • The foreign citizen possesses education, specialized training or experience equivalent to the training achieved through a University Degree.

Requirements to qualify for a H1B Visa:

  • Demonstrating that you will hold a specialized position which requires a high level of knowledge and specialization which is normally achieved through a higher education plan of study.
  • Possessing a University Degree or an equivalent experience (Three years of experience for each academic year at a University) in order to perform the position that has been offered.
  • People who possess a foreign Degree may be required an assessment carried out by the Academic Testing Service.
  • Demonstrating that your employer will pay a “Pre-determined Salary” for your work within a specific geographical area.

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